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Everyone is sleeping on this giant… 

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None of that…  We are talking about the new level of eCom.... The eCom run by AI…

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AI Stack does everything for us… 

Without us doing any of the work… 

We don’t even run any paid traffic… 

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I understand that writing emails can be a chore sometimes… 

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To guarantee a successful promo In this launch… 

I hired the best copywriter in the market… 

To write you the most insane swipes you will ever see… 

All you have to do is just copy/paste 

And watch the commissions roll in…

And Did Most Of The Work For You…

Welcome To AI Stack

World’s First AI App That Uses A Keyword To Auto-Generates eCom Super-Funnels That Converts 10x Better Than Shopify, Amazon & eBay.

Making Us $649.34 On Autopilot

Sell Any Product (Digital, Physical or Affiliate Offers) Or Select From Our Proven Products Rolodex ​

We Get Everything Done For Us With AI, Even Traffic… 

Launch Your Very Own High Converting AI Super-Funnels & Enjoy Daily Profits... ​ 

Finally! DUMP Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy & WooCommerce

  • Leverage AI To Unlock The New eCom Era.
  • Generate AI eCom Super Funnels With A Keyword…
  • Sell ANYTHING with AI Stack (Digital/Physical Products, or Affiliate Offers Doesn’t Matter)
  • No Creating Store/Shop, No Inventory Needed....
  • Drive Unlimited Traffic & Sales To ANY Product You Want to Sell
  • Choose From Our Proven-Winner Products Rolodex
  • No Complicated Setup - Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes
  • 30 Money Back Guarantee..
  • ZERO monthly Or Hidden Fees

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50% Commissions  - $799+ Per Visitor

Get INSTANT COMMISSIONS Through With Our Proven, High Converting Funnel…

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All Contests Are Based On Total Revenue - Solo Only!

Phase 1 - Opening Contest (02th of Oct @ 10am EST - 5th of Oct  @ 11:59pm EST)

Phase 2 - Closing Contest ​ (6th of Oct @ 12am EST  -  8th of Oct @ 11:59pm EST)

Plus A New Contest Would Be Announced During The Launch.

Important: You need to earn equal to or more than the prize amount in commissions in order to qualify for the full prize amount. If you don’t, then you’ll be paid out the next leaderboard position amount.

Do My Launches Convert?

Absolutely! I'm a top 1% elite vendor and the #1 overall bestseller on WarriorPlus. Even in this tough market, we're still crushing it big.

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Seyi Adeleke Can Send 100-200 Sales To Your Launch

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Live Editor

Customize Your Super-Funnel To Your Taste Using the Built-in Live Editor.

QR Code

Drive Tons of Customers to your Super-Funnels using a smart QR Code. Sell Effortlessly

AI Super Funnels

Simply Enter a Keyword & Let AI Automatically Create Stunning 3-in-1 Super-Funnels, Complete with Preloaded Assets (HOT Product, Description, Image, Video, and more)

Integrate FB Pixel

Connect your Facebook pixel to retarget all your customers with more products

Connect Your Autoresponder

Instantly connect your AR to start building your buyers list.

DFY Ads and videos

DFY ads and templates for each product to use

DFY Emails

DFY emails that you can use instantly to promote more products to your list

Accept Payments

Accept payments with paypal, stripe, or any other payment method

LIVE Whatsapp Chat 

Leverage the power of Whatsapp to close more sales

Social Proof

Show Real-Time Buyers & Skyrocket Sales

One-Page Checkout

Smart One-Page Checkout Technology

Auto Fulfil Order 

1-Click, Express Auto Fulfil Orders Delivery Technology

High Converting Templates

3x Sales With Our Stunning Templates 

Domain Integration

Integrate your domain with Proto in few easy steps.

1-Click Upsell Tech With Exit Popup

Add Upsell + Exit Popup To Your Super-Funnels & 3x Revenue Per Order


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